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So, you’re ready to build an authority website to create additional income. Great! What’s your niche? 

That’s exactly where most new site builders get stumped…or make a critical mistake. 

And, most niche lists on the web are just that: lists. Mind-numbing lists of words with no context or data to help inspire you to build the right site for the right audience.

That’s why we wrote Niche Book.

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Let’s Back Up for a Moment…

After many years in this business, and building hundreds of content sites, we know how and why niches really work. It’s because they’re at the intersection of a specific sub-market with a common passion or problem that’s profitable and where evergreen content will perform well.

Niches are affordable because you’re not competing with huge marketing entities. Specificity and affordability are key. Weight-loss isn’t a niche, it’s a hugely competitive ad market which means it’s expensive. But, something like post-pregnancy weight loss is more specific, more affordable, and flourishes with evergreen content.

Too many new affiliate marketers start with a product and not a niche. That’s going to limit your ability to grow and succeed, which is why we always recommend starting with a niche.

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Here’s How Niche Book Helps

We’ve organized Niche opportunities by category AND included common search terms, keyword difficulty, and the average CPC. That means you’re not just choosing a niche at random to discover later it’s a total money pit. Keep it on your desktop and keep coming back to it.

It’s like the ultimate thought-starting swipe file…and it’s yours for free!