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Director of Marketing

Attention! We are hiring!

Alpha Investors is currently hiring for a Director of Marketing.

  1. Does the idea of being a crucial core member of a young and growing company excite you?
  2. Do you want to work in an environment where your creativity has no limits, and you’re free to create innovative solutions to accomplish common goals?
  3. Do you want to be part of a 100% remote team full of all-stars and successful entrepreneurs?

The Company

Alpha Investors is a rapidly growing company with a strong foothold in the digital assets industry.

Here at Alpha Investors, we build custom online businesses from scratch, manage and grow online businesses, and through our new flagship platform Investors Club, we now offer an exclusive buyers club for high-end digital assets such as profitable online businesses. 

The Job

The Director of Marketing will be the head honcho in charge for all things marketing. 

We are looking for someone to jump in and take the reins and pour some fuel on our fire. We want someone who can take ownership, think outside of the box, and grow with us as we continue to blow up.

In short, you’ll be responsible for creating and executing the marketing initiatives responsible for demonstrable growth.

The Mission

  1. Increase inbound leads on all existing business lines
  2. Further establish our stellar reputation and brandability within the industry
  3. Continue to grow and foster our community of loyal buyers, sellers, and investors
  4. Create educational campaigns to bring traditional investors into the world of digital assets.

Sample Job Tasks

  1. Create paid ad campaigns to increase monthly buyer subscribers.
  2. Create and market educational resources for investors interested in purchasing digital assets for the first time. 
  3. Re-write web copy on our landing pages for custom business creation.
  4. Create funnel and associated email campaigns for potential business sellers.
  5. Analyze and create a strategy to reduce churn for MRR customers.

Required Competencies

  1. You must be a master of paid advertising on multiple platforms.
  2. You must be a master of content marketing in every way.
  3. You should be a master in copywriting and visual presentation.
  4. You should be a master in all things social media, traditional media, and other forms of promotion.
  5. You should be a master in all things communication.
  6. You love to help people, teach people and have an attitude of service.
  7. You MUST be a highly fluent English speaker.
  8. You are cool to work with. Our team is awesome and we don’t like working with knobs.

Preferable Competencies

  1. You have personal experience with building, buying, or selling websites and online businesses.
  2. You have conversational fluency with the language of investing and finance.
  3. You have some basic level knowledge of SEO.
  4. You should have management experience as this position will grow into managing a full department of staff.

We don’t care about fancy degrees or certifications. We hire only absolute rock stars who excel at their job.

Further Job Information

Location: 100% Remote, we are spread all over the world and don’t care where you are at as long as you always have reliable internet service.

Hours: We don’t care when you work or how much you work. We care that you’re incredibly responsive to the team, and that you absolutely crush expectations and timelines.

Compensation: Competitive pay package partially based on performance. Numbers are dependent on experience.

However, if you’d like to work with us but there’s no opening for an individual with your skill set, feel free to send your cover letter and CV to jobs [at] alphainvestors [dot] com and we’ll see if we can make some room for you.

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