Live Case Study: We Almost Hit 1,000 Organic Pageviews In The First Month

Live Case Study We Almost Hit 1,000 Organic Pageviews In The First Month

I’m a bit late with this update, but please don’t hold it against me ;). We had a lot of […]

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I’m a bit late with this update, but please don’t hold it against me ;).

We had a lot of things going on:

  • launch of a new ready-made batch
  • preparing and executing a strategic acquisition
  • working on improving our custom DFY site service and completing the majority of pending orders
  • we acquired two new content sites for our own portfolio, and six websites for our clients
  • I’m wrapping up the second installment of a 4-part series on my blog (12k words)
  • I published a lot of new content on AI/RXL blogs + guest posts on 3 SEO-related blogs.

It was a pretty interesting (read: hectic) month, but the time has finally come for me to give you guys an update.

***If you somehow missed the intro post – click here***

In all honesty, I didn’t get a chance to properly execute everything I had planned for August.

But, I managed to create an in-depth keyword matrix and prepare the outlines for Steve, my main writer for this project. Not only that, I secured five links (guest posts) from very relevant sites.

Three links are pointing to the homepage with branded anchors, and two are pointing to one informational article. I used partial-match anchors for those two links (‘gear you’ll need for X‘ type of anchor text).

Overall, it was a slow month (action-wise), but the traffic has constantly been growing. That’s very encouraging, and it made me feel very good about this entire project.

We currently have around 50,000 words in the pipeline.

Most of it is already written. I expect all those articles to be up and running/published within the next two weeks.

While we’re working on the content, we’ll slowly scale our link building efforts to match the link velocity of our competitors.

I’ll be increasing the velocity month over month by 3-5%, depending on the results — more on that in the next update.

Let me share a couple of screenshots so you can put everything in perspective:

Google analytics month 1
google analytics month 1 (2)
ahrefs month 1 (2)
ahrefs month 1
amazon affiliate clicks
site information

As you can see, the number of articles is exactly the same. We started getting some affiliate clicks, but no conversions for now.

The traffic is on the rise, and the average time on page is very solid.

Ahrefs shows pretty significant improvements all around, and I like that. But that’s really not that important. At least not in this stage.

Here’s the plan for September

  • Publish all that content
  • Do proper on-page/technical SEO after we publish the entire batch to make sure that everything’s primed for success
  • Continue working on the link building
  • Create a custom plugin for comparison tables (this will save us a LOT of time)
  • Get that first conversion!

In my next update, I plan to take a deeper dive into keyword research, and, hopefully, link building. The latter depends on how much time will I have to do a proper write-up.

If you’d like to follow along and join the raffle (if I fail, of course), you’ll need to sign up to the e-mail list. You can do that below:

Join the live case study

Enter your name and email below and I’ll let you know whenever I publish an update + you’ll enter the raffle to win the website if I fail to hit my goal.

Keep an eye out for my next update (early October). We’ll be attending (and sponsoring) three conferences in Oct/Nov, so I really need to publish the next update before I head out.

In case you’re wondering which conferences I’ll be attending:

  1. Rhodium Weekend @ Las Vegas
  2. DMSS @ Bali
  3. CMSEO @ Chiang Mai

See you there? Let me know in the comment box below and let’s grab a lunch/beer(s).

If not, help me spread the word by sharing the case study with your peers.

Let’s crush it!


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  1. I think this is looking promising man, I bet that things will start to compound over the next few months… I doubt that the full effect of all of the guest posts has even kicked in yet.

    It’ll be interesting to see how things develop with the full effects of the links and the new content kicking in. 50%+ visibility growth wouldn’t shock me even if you don’t publish all the content early this month.

    Looking forward to the next update =]

    1. Thanks, mate! Yeah, the visibility increase is pretty interesting. Can’t really afford not to publish anything, so need to go all out with the content. The team hates me bc of that =P

  2. Thanks for the update, can’t wait to see how this will be doing in a few months after all the content is posted.

    Like Daniel said above the guess post links probably haven’t kicked in yet. Again thanks for the update, I’ll be following along.

  3. Curious you mentioned comparison table plugin that you’re developing. I’ve tried some and hate that on mobile every single plugin stacks the products vertically on mobile that it’s impossible to compare the products side by side so it’s long scroll up and down to compare products. Do you find that those type of plugin actually convert?

    I ended up just sticking with basic tablepress

    1. I generally prefer to have that vertical stacking just because it’s easier to scroll through the data. I tried both versions, and the vertical one almost always converted better.
      Just a note – we’re developing the plugin just for ourselves/our clients. It won’t be available on the marketplace (got asked this question 6 times today).

  4. Thanks for sharing, I’ve a few questions tho.

    1) Are you using pages for your “best” articles? If yes, why?

    2) Do you publish “best” articles directly from the start? I’ve made the experience that it is easier to get links if you don’t have commercial content at the beginning.

    1. 1) Pages. These are (usually) evergreen and we create a unique physical silo for them ( – best is the hub page with unique content), so the only way to do it is via pages. ‘Best’ content doesn’t really change that much, so using pages makes a lot more sense.
      2) Yes. Everything’s published right away. I don’t care about the links at all. Not at this stage, at least. Even if that wasn’t the case, I’d still publish it all at once. You need to do that in order to have your content indexed asap and aging.

  5. Wow! Nice to know that your site has hit 1000 organic pageviews in the very first month itself.

    Hey Andrej, felt impressed on the things you did in August. You really work hard with your team to bring in good content. Looking forward to hear more from you…

  6. Hi Andrej,
    First of all thanks for sharing this live case study.
    Will be waiting for October update on site.
    Can you share link building strategy or websites you use for link building like Authority Builder or The Hoth etc.
    Prasad Rane

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