What’s Better… Building One Niche Site Or Multiple Sites?

What's Better... Building One Niche Site Or Multiple Sites?

UPDATE: This is the longest time I haven’t updated the blog since I started it. But I’ve been busy building […]

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UPDATE: This is the longest time I haven’t updated the blog since I started it.

But I’ve been busy building something really big for RankXL. Yesterday, I officially launched RankXL’s Niche Site Course.

It contains my complete step-by-step strategy for building Adsense niche sites to a full-time income.

I’ll be back to blogging more frequently from now onward.

Now… on to the blog post.

One site or many sites?

One Site vs Many Sites

I’m going to keep this blog post short.

This is a question that’s been asked since I started out online over 5 years ago.

It was debatable then, but today… there’s no denying that one site beats multiple sites.


The way Google’s changed over the past couple of years has completely blocked out these “batches” of micro sites from ever becoming profitable.

Back then, it was easy to throw up a few sites and rank them quickly. There was no sandbox unless you did something to trigger it.

Today, the sandbox is real for every new site you build. New sites take longer to gain any traction in the search engines.

Most people get frustrated and either:

1. Give up
2. Lose interest and start working on a new site.
3. Blast thousands of links at it hoping maybe that will give it the nudge it needs.

Whichever you choose, the outcome is the same: You’re dumping what could have been and moving on to something new.

Today, it’s all about authority

Page Authority SEO

It takes longer to build authority to a new site, but once you do… it becomes SO MUCH more profitable than it was in the past.

Because Google gives so much extra weight to these trusted domains, getting your site to this level makes it easier than it ever was to scale niche sites to a full-time income.

That’s the exact reason you often hear me say: It might be harder to get to $100/month today, but it’s a lot easier to get to $100/day than ever before.

At that stage, your domain has so much power over all the other sites out there. Instead of building a new site, you can just build it out as a category on your own domain.

That’s what I’m doing every single day to grow out my income, and that’s exactly what RankXL’s Niche Site Course is all about: Starting niche sites, building authority, then scaling them out to a full-time income.

There’s no debating whether a single site or multiple sites is better anymore. It’s always the single site.

Growing them out, building authority, then taking advantage of how much weight is given to authority sites in the search engines.

That’s the fastest, and most sustainable way of building a full-time income with Adsense niche sites.

What’s your plan with the site?

Most people who like the idea of throwing up dozens of micro sites are chasing after the “passive income” dream of just not having to touch the site at all.

Don’t get me wrong… Adsense niche sites are extremely passive. It’s one of the main reasons why I’m so drawn to sticking with this business model.

BUT… Answer this question:

Would you rather have a site generating $500-1000/month passively without needing to do any work at all?


Would you rather take that site, continue to work at it, and grow it out to a $5000-$10,000/month business?

I hope it’s the second one for you. I was actually surprised at how many people I’ve spoken with who would rather sit comfortably with a $500-$1000/month site.

Once you get to a point where you’re site makes $500-$1000/month, it’s so much easier than it was before to scale that traffic, and grow that income at a rapid pace.

You need to take advantage that you have at this point. Sure, it’s great to not have to do anything and get a nice fat cheque every month.

OR… you could realize the asset you have at that point and grow it out into a very lucrative income.

The hardest part is getting to your first $100-$1000/month, after that, all that’s required is utilizing your site’s authority to scale hard.

So if you’re considering turning Adsense into a real income for you, think authority. Think of growing out a massive asset for yourself.

Don’t think in terms of the past. Don’t plan on building out a batch of sites.

Building a single authority site and growing it out is the fastest way you’ll get to a full-time income with Adsense.