YouTube Curation: The Easiest Way To Create High Quality Content For Your Niche Sites

YouTube Curation The Easiest Way To Create High Quality Content For Your Niche Sites

Content creation is definitely one of the most difficult parts of growing a website. When you start a new site, […]

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Content creation is definitely one of the most difficult parts of growing a website.

When you start a new site, you have 2 options: write the content yourself and invest a lot of your hours into research and writing, or outsource it and invest a lot of money.

The average price for a decently written 1000 word article is $20-$30. At 100 articles written over the long-run and that’s $2000-$3000 spent just on content.

It’s expensive, but then again if we were to write it ourselves, a 1000 word article might take us anywhere between 2-5 hours to research, write, edit, and publish. It’s a huge investment of our time.

Today, I’m going to show you a content creation method that’s working amazingly well for me. It takes me less than half the time to publish them, and requires half the amount of research per article.

Curate YouTube Videos

YouTube has a TON of content available, and most of them are really well made with a LOT of well researched information.

What we’re going to do is find these videos, embed them on our site, and then write about them. We’re curating videos through YouTube and using them as the subject of our articles.

This is so much easier than going out and doing all of the research yourself from scratch.

Instead of spending hours researching and compiling resources to write your articles on, you use one source (the video) and simply summarize the main points.

The video creators have done the research for you.

I have niche sites where 90% of the content was created using YouTube curation.

It’s such an easy way to produce high quality articles.

Let’s Go Through An Example

I’ll show you step by step how I create content with YouTube curation.

Step 1: Search For Videos In Your Niche

For our example, we’ll use home improvement as our niche.

Now imagine that we’re going to write a tutorial on something like how to replace a kitchen cabinet.

If you were to write this completely on your own from scratch, you would have to do a fair bit of research digging through various sources online.

Then you would have to decide what sub-topics will form your content body and what information you will expand upon.

After you’re done, you’ll have to go out find some stock images to spark up your content.

Let’s see how much easier this can be with YouTube curation.

Let’s check out what YouTube has to offer.

Okay, so doing a search for “home improvement” on YouTube brought back a bunch of results with clips from the old TV show with Tim Allen.

Home Improvement TV show

Not what we’re looking for here, so let’s adjust our search.

I decided to add DIY at the end of the search and that brought back some better results.

Awesome. That’s a giant list of content ideas for our niche site!

Just by skimming through the results, we can see that there are hundreds of videos that we can use.

The opportunities are endless. With all the related searches you can make and all the suggest videos in the sidebar, you have an overwhelming amount of content ideas for your site.

Let’s choose one from the list.

I decided to go with the 4th one down.

Pay attention to the view count. Choose videos with a lot of views because that’s what people are interested in.

I rarely do separate keyword research when writing articles through YouTube curation. I don’t care if it says 0 searches in the Keyword Planner.

It’s clearly a topic that’s perfect for my niche site’s audience, and one that’s getting a lot of good reviews on YouTube.

The 4th one down only has 6000 views, but it was posted only a month ago and it has great reviews with no downvotes.

The video is only 4 and a half minutes long, but a minute into it and I can tell this is going to turn into a 1000+ word article.

Writing The Article

Writing Article on based on Youtube Content

Optimizing Titles

The first thing we’re going to do is re-write the title into one that’s a little simpler and more search engine friendly.

YouTube’s Title:
Building Simple Box Columns – DIY Front Porch Home Improvement!

Our Revised Title:
How to Renovate Your Front Porch By Building Simple Box Columns – A Tutorial

I left only the main keywords in while targeting other essential keywords like “tutorial,” “renovate,” and “build” which are more likely to be used in a search query.

Extracting Content

The best part about YouTube curation is that we don’t have to sit there and come up with a rough outline for our article. That’s one of the most dreadful parts of the writing process: figuring out what to write about.

Here, we already know what we’re going to write about: whatever’s being explained in the video.

For our home improvement video, we’ll watch the video and list out all the required equipment and supplies. Then, we’ll list out step by step the process of fixing these porch columns.

Add thoughts/opinions, and even expand upon what’s explained in the video.

You should be able to pour out 500 words easy doing just that.

This method of content creation is a HUGE timesaver, and allows you to crank out high quality articles in less than half the time you normally would.

On top of that, it shows you what people are actually interested in using metrics other than a keyword tool.

View count and up-votes are a pretty awesome indicator to tell you what’s popular and what’s not.

If you’re stumbling with your content creation, give YouTube curation a try.