Do You Have To Be An Expert In Your Niche To Build A Blog?

Do You Have To Be An Expert In Your Niche To Build A Blog?

When you’re looking to start a new blog, you most likely won’t know that much about your niche. How can […]

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When you’re looking to start a new blog, you most likely won’t know that much about your niche.

How can you build an authority blog and establish it as an authority in the industry if YOU, yourself are NOT an authority?

That’s a question that a lot of people getting started with blogging have, and it’s a fair question.

My first blog ever was based around a specific education niche. It’s still live and making money for me so I don’t want to give away the niche entirely. However, it was a niche I had an interest in, but knew nothing about.

Today, it’s a pretty well established authority in its niche.

So how did it become an authority?

SEO Authority On a Webiste

It’s because of the content that was on the site.

The reason people were engaged with my site, and the reason people linked to my site and shared my content wasn’t because they knew me professionally.

It wasn’t because they saw Chris Lee as an experienced professional in their niche and instantly gave me credibility.

It wasn’t because they knew “WHO” created the site.

It was because of “WHAT” was on the site.

It was high-quality, accurate content that was better than anything out there at the time.

It was helpful, well put together, and backed up with a lot of research.

What’s the difference between you and an actual authority?

Let’s say you wanted to build an authority blog about golf tips. You love golf, but you’re not very great at it. If someone asks you to analyze their swing, you’re most likely to repeat something you saw while watching The Golf Channel.

Now, let’s say Tiger Woods wanted to start a site about golf tips.

He could probably write content for years off the top of his head. You… you would need to do your own research on what the best ways to improve your game are.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t build a blog that becomes one of the biggest authorities on the sport.

The main difference is: You’re not writing content off the top of your head. You’re putting together content after doing sufficient research on the topic.

For my main blog that I run now, in the beginning, I knew nothing about the niche.

Well, I knew basic things since it was something I was half interested in… but I was nowhere near knowledgable enough to consider myself a qualified authority to write about the topic.

Today, the blog is the #1 authority in its niche. I could talk for days about the niche now. Because I’ve studied it extensively to grow out my site into a useful site for others.

I didn’t write the content off the top of my head. I did the research.

Real authorities slap their faces on their sites and put their names behind it. They get a lot of press, they get a lot of free links, and they get instant credibility due to WHO they are.

That’s NOT what building an authority blog means.

Building an authority blog requires creating something great that people find valuable.

You DON’T need to be an expert. Don’t let that hold you back from starting your own blogs.