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Golf training-related

The golf niche is easy to get into and has many monetization opportunities, including ads or affiliate programs like Amazon and beyond.

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• Courses
• Display advertising

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• Content site
• Review site
• Recipe site

The site was made in 2004 with the then-popular Web 1.0 HTML skeleton. It continued with this now outdated format until the site’s first redesign in 2011. During the site’s second redesign in 2016, the name was changed to reflect that it was a private golf course affiliated with the university and not a university-owned golf course. The original site was never monetized as its only purpose was to inform visitors about the golf course, membership prices, etc. In 2011 a link was added to their store, but this exists on a different domain. 

It continued with this now outdated format until the site’s first redesign in 2011 and its second redesign in 2016 when it switched the name to reflect that it was a private golf course that cooperate with the university and not a university-owned golf course.

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28 / 100

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23 / 100

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13 / 100

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12 / 100


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Aged Domain UfGolfCourse 7

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The obvious pick is to continue with golf-related materials. The site features a backlink profile more orientated towards education. As such, it could be ideally suited for new educational articles that drive traffic, with optional monetization via affiliates for golf-related gear.

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4. Our Recommendation

Create an authority site in the golfing niche. You can target low competition info content on game tips, best terrains and equipment maintenance

Once traffic starts to accumulate, begin publishing a series of commercial content focused on high end golf equipment.

Aged Domain UfGolfCourse 8

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