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Running, fitness, and diet blog

It’s well placed to continue the explanation into the fitness and health niche (running, marathons, dieting, etc.) and has good monetization opportunities

Previous Monetization Method
• Affiliate links
• Courses
• Display advertising

Previous Business Type
• Content site
• Review site
• Recipe site

The website started as a simple fitness blog and slowly expanded into more specific niches, such as running, diet, marathons, etc. As the site grew in popularity, it started reviewing running shoes, gear, books, etc., and hosting a podcast. 

The site’s writers contributed to several high-value news sources, including Huffington Post Healthy Living, Health Your Way Online, Crave Local, The Running Bug, and Far North Endurance, all of them leading back to the domain.

1. Important Metrics

Domain Authority

Aged Domain SaltMarshRunning.com 1 Predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). Domain Authority ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to greater likelihood of ranking.

34 / 100

Domain Rating

Aged Domain SaltMarshRunning.com 1 Shows the strength of a website's backlink profile on a scale of 1 to 100.

27 / 100

Linking Root Domains

Aged Domain SaltMarshRunning.com 1 The total number of separate links that link once or more than once to a given site.


Trust Flow

Aged Domain SaltMarshRunning.com 1 This number reflects the quality of the websites linking to the site, measuring the “trustworthiness” of a page.

6 / 100

Citation Flow

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6 / 100

Spam Score

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Aged Domain SaltMarshRunning.com 1 The amount of time during which a domain name has existed.


2. Backlink Profile

Aged Domain SaltMarshRunning.com 8

Consistent stream of referring domains

Top 10 Referring Domains

Domain Name DR Number of Backlinks Anchor Context
huffingtonpost.com 92 15 Saltmarsh Running Quoted as Source
medium.com 94 13 Saltmarsh Running Posts of Staff
active.com 90 3 Saltmarsh Running Image Links
brooksrunning.com 88 5 include strides Quoted as Source
hercampus.com 78 1 Salt Marsh Running Image Links
seacoastonline.com 77 2 Salt Marsh Running Quoted as Source
runrepeat.com 73 1 Salt Marsh Running Quoted as Source
fitforhealth.eu 71 1 Salt Marsh Running Quoted as Source
runnerclick.com 63 4 Newton Gravity V Quoted as Source
runsmartproject.com 55 9 TJB Cited as a source

3. Business Analysis

As this domain is heavily involved in the fitness niche, we recommend the continuation of the same. There are numerous areas related to the fitness space that the site didn’t cover and that you can safely expand to for further progression

Examples of similar niche sites​

There are tons of sites in the cooking/recipes niche. A simple look at sites with a similar domain rating are below:

DR: 25
Est. traffic: 12k page views a month
DR: 24
Est. traffic: 7.7k page views a month

Affiliate Programs in the Food/Kitchen niche​

There are a number of affiliate programs you can tap into for monetizing fitness and running related content. Check them out below:

4. Our Recommendation

Create an authority site in fitness and outdoors running niche. You can target low competition info content on outdoor fitness or benefits of running

Once traffic starts to accumulate, begin publishing a series of commercial content focused on high quality fitness/running shoes and wardrobe.

Aged Domain SaltMarshRunning.com 9

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