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Domain Age
8 years


Fitness gadgets (smart wearables), Crossfit, Yoga

Previous Monetization Method
• Mobile app, Physical products

Previous Business Type
• 3D Fitness partner

The website and the company were opened in 2014. Heddoko was a smartphone app marketed as your fitness buddy in your home. They also had various physical products like Smart compression suits (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E12wcRHUPQU). The website was abandoned in January 2019.

1. Important Metrics

Domain Authority

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34 / 100

Domain Rating

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32 / 100

Linking Root Domains

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Trust Flow

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8 / 100

Citation Flow

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16 / 100


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2. Backlink Profile

The backlink profile consists of 146 referring domains pointing to the site. Most of the backlinks are pointed towards the homepage. There are some solid backlinks from websites like Mit.edu, CBC.ca, Techcrunch, and many more.

Aged Domain Heddoko.com 7

Consistent stream of referring domains

Top 10 Referring Domains

3. Business Analysis

What Niches Are Recommended For This Domain?

  • Fitness
  • Smart wearables
  • Biohacking

Examples of similar niche sites​

There are numerous successful websites in the fitness and smart wearables niche. Most of them are older better-established websites, but we did manage to find a few affiliate websites with a way shorter history.

DR: 43
DR: 40
DR: 61
DR: 31
DR: 22

Affiliate Programs in Fitness niche

Amazon remains a top affiliate program for the fitness niche, However, when we are talking about smart wearables, a lot of higher-end products are offering their own affiliate program.

4. Our Recommendation

As mentioned above there are multiple angles for this niche. Smart wearables  remain our top pick. But on the other hand, anything related to fitness is viable, crossfit, cardio training, Peloton, etc.

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