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Building an effective affiliate site can take 6 months or more. There's a better option...

Getting your authority website up and running takes a lot of trial and error. It’s hard work. You can spend months doing keyword research and market analysis, developing content and doing SEO, working on the tech on the back end — and still not get traffic or affiliate revenue.

Affiliate marketing is serious business.

You can’t afford to dabble while your competitors move fast. Whether you’re building a niche site for extra income or a creating a sustainable affiliate business for a profitable exit, we’ll build you a custom website and cut months off the development process.

Your website is built to sell. Here's what you get:

When you choose to work with our team, you get much more than a custom website.

We’ve been analyzing profitable niches for 9+ years. Our team will pinpoint a lucrative niche and build an authority site your competitors will envy.

You’ll also get these important marketing assets:

Response-driven web design

Your website is optimized for speed and usability. Our proven designs drive customers to click and buy the products you promote.

Complete website content

Forget content mills and ESL writers. We’ll create the engaging content you need to attract and convert your visitors.

Niche analysis report

In-depth niche and market analysis saves you days of research and helps you master the real potential of your market.

Keyword opportunity report

Valuable breakdown of the best keyword opportunities to pursue as you start optimizing your site for search traffic.

Hosting & setup bonuses

Your site includes 1 year of VPS SSD hosting, a free SSL certificate, a .com domain, and premium theme and plug-ins - all free.

Project manager

To ensure everything goes smoothly, you’ll work with your own project manager to coordinate all the moving pieces.

Ongoing support

Need help with affiliate training, content, or tech support as you grow your business? We’re here for you.

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Start my project now

Alpha Investors is the successful affiliate marketer's secret weapon.

Our team has built 1124+ affiliate sites using a proven process that works. The sites we built are among the most highly ranked and successful in their niche. Here’s what you can expect when you start your project…

  1. Identify & Analyze

    We start by finding potential niches and the right keywords to support the products you’ll promote. If you know the niche you want to enter, great! If not, we can research several options to choose from. This is the important first step for building a site that will attract profitable traffic.

  2. Content plan & Development

    Writing engaging, optimized content is a critical step toward your success. It takes a disciplined approach to do it right. Our content team leverages your niche and keyword research to create content that attracts prospects to your page who are ready to buy now. And unlike others, we don’t outsource content to non-English speakers.

  3. Conversion-oriented web design

    A high-performing affiliate site is about more than making your content look good. We pay close attention to the details that actually drive conversions – like user experience, comparison tables, call to actions… And our design team implements extras like markup to magnify the impact of your SEO.

  4. Search engine optimization

    Setting your site up for success means getting the on-page SEO done right. We’ll optimize your website based on our years of testing and building profitable affiliate websites. So when you start working on the off-page SEO, your authority and search rankings will grow

  5. Handoff & Ongoing support

    Once your site is complete, we hand you the controls. But we don’t leave you to sink or swim. Our team is there to support your ongoing content and SEO efforts if needed. Plus we’ll provide you with direct access to our in-depth training course and SOPs that will help you operate the site once you take control.

  6. Bonus!

    Even if you choose to do your own link building and content creation once your site is in your hands, you won’t leave empty handed. You’ll also get an up-to-date Niche Analysis Report and our 24-month Growth Plan with a complete list of sites and keywords used by your competitors to acquire traffic and how-to instructions for growing your site.

The process works. Here's proof...

In addition to building affiliate websites for our clients, we’re working on developing our own portfolio of profitable authority sites. We’re doing this for two reasons.

  • To test new SEO & CRO strategies on a regular basis so we can adjust to whatever Google throws at us.
  • To prove that our ‘system’ works by documenting everything we do into actionable case studies.

Here’s an example of an amazon affiliate site we started in 2018.

In under a year, we managed to build the site up from scratch and cause a lot of disturbance in the SERPs. We’re just getting started, though!

new earnings new traffic

You can do the work yourself...

Here’s an estimate on what it would cost to build your affiliate site from scratch.

You can do the work, but why? We have websites ready for you now.

Premium WordPress theme
Premium plug-ins and add-ons
Market research, keyword, niche analysis
Custom design and branding
Custom images and photo editing
On-page SEO
Content strategy and deliverables
Link building and marketing
6 months of YOUR TIME

Save months of setup & get your affiliate site started now.

Seize your competitive advantage.

Start my site NOW

While your competitors waste time pulling together content, wrestling with WordPress plugins, and guessing which niche will work, your new site will put you far ahead in the race to dominate your niche.

Plus you get the guides, training, and support you need to start ranking and making money. These are proven tactics used by thousands of affiliates to grow their sites. Click the button below to get started now.

So, is an affiliate site right for you?

Affiliate marketing can be a profitable income stream for those who are willing to put in the work.

But it is not easy.

We’ll take care of the first steps – researching your niche and building an effective authority site, but real results take work. If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme or a “money for nothing” gig, look elsewhere. But if you’re ready to put in the effort to grow, we’re ready to help.

  • New and experienced marketers who need an authority site for Amazon, Clickbank, CJ, or another affiliate program (we are also building sites that will be monetized with ads like Adsense, Ezoic, etc.)
  • Affiliate marketers who want to cut months of trial and error off the startup process.
  • Business owners who don’t have a lot of time for keyword research, user-centered design, and content development.
  • Entrepreneurs who are willing to regularly check their search engine rankings, earnings and overall progress to insure your business grows.

Would you like to see our sample site? Click here.

Steven Baxter
Steven Baxter

If you want a professionally designed web site, then Alpha Investors is the place to go. Andrej, and his team, design exceptional Done-For-You (DFY) web sites. I was blown away by how my Alpha custom site looked - stunning images and photographs combined with excellent copy and product reviews. Andrej is a man of few words, but you can trust him to do design a stunning web site - as promised and on time.

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